20 Years of Service

The following employees have recently celebrated their 20th anniversaries at J.G. B. Enterprise in Liverpool.

Michael Appel
Beginning his career at JGB assembling hose and hose accessories, Mike had been a leading sales representative in the Government Contracting Department since 1985.

Martin T. Salanger
Marty also began his career in the assembly of hose and hose accessories and was the first employee assigned to the newly created Government Contracting Department in 1985. Marty was promoted to Manager of the Government Contracting Department in 1987 and has served in that position ever since.

Randall Tomasino
Randy began his employment at JGB in the Production Department assembling industrial hose products. Randy has been the JGB Production Manager since being promoted to that position in 1988.

Mark S. Morey
Mark joined JGB as an assembler of Hydraulic Hose products. Mark has held the position of Hydraulics Group Leader since being promoted to that position in 1985.