Defense Supply Center Commends JGB's Responsiveness

J.G.B. Enterprises, Inc., in Liverpool, New York, was recently recognized by the Defense Supply Center for a time critical supplying of over 70 miles of 6” layflat fuel line for the U.S. military in Iraq – including an e-mail expressing appreciation from the military unit in Iraq that received and is utilizing the fuel delivery system.

Notified that the fuel delivery system was militarily essential, JGB Enterprises worked with its suppliers to set up 24/7 operations to manufacture the vast quantity of hose, to government specifications, required to support the contract.

Incorporating the JGB Enterprises’ Patented “J” Clamp technology, the fuel delivery system replaces a rigid pipe fuel system and reduces the initial set-up required by the military by approximately 70%. With a normal production time of between six and seven months, JGB Enterprises was able to completely assemble and ship the system to the military within a two-month period.

Last year J.G.B. Enterprises filled over 10,000 contracts and purchase orders with the Department of Defense and other government agencies and has supplied the federal government with over 48,000 different products.